Summer is here!

As I looked at the weather forecast for this week with high's in the 90's already, it is definitely a sign that summer is here.  I am thankful for how green the hills are looking going into this heat though.  The branding is all done and haying season is just around the corner, hopefully the rain spigot hasn't turned off so that it will be a good crop!  Don't forget to start now on any repairs that didn't get done this fall when you finished up last season.  Give us a call to get you scheduled 373-9800.  And remember we have a Service truck so if you break down in the field, hopefully you won't but if you do, we can come to your rescue.

What a year!

It's so AWESOME to be in the heated shop, having customers coming/going and things begining to fall into place.  The 60x80 steel shop addition to the existing building is complete and things are set up just the way we want (well for now :-)  It brings us satisfaction that our customers know we are a NO B/S kind of business with high standards at reasonable rates.  Starting out on your own is stressful but well worth the sleepless nights when a customer is leaving satisfied. 

Plans for Future

We purchsed this awesome building with acreage to build Larry's dream shop.  He has been working with Heavy Equipment and Semi-Trucks /Trailers since he graduated high school.  He has always helped on his Dad's ranch since he was little and now helps my family once in awhile on farm equipment, etc.  He is super picky and it always drives him nuts when he see's shoty work.  Money doesn't grow on trees and NO ONE wants to spend tons of money getting something fixed only to return a few months later or less for the same problem.  He can't wait to give people quality service at reasonable prices!

We plan to attach an 80x60 shop to the existing building.  Using the existing building as an office, waiting room, bathrooms (got to have those) and break room for employees.  We are really hoping things take off and that peolpe come to seek us out for quality work... so much that he will have to hire employees. :-) 

So keep watching the progress with us.  We are SUPER excited about this new adventure and look forward to becoming a business you can always trust for quality work.

Moving Along

Only a month behind schedule but FINALLY we have a great crew forming up the concrete this week and HOPEFULLY we will be set for pouring on Friday!!  Rick Miller from Malta & his crew along with Curt Schmidt from Worden & his crew are working together forming and pouring the concrete.  We have RL Schaff Concrete of Shepherd providing the concrete.  This will be such a huge weight lifted for Larry once the concrete is finally complete & completed the correct way!!  The first concrete crew hired by the ex-GC was trying to do 3' centers, tried shorting us on thickness of the pad, etc.  It was so totally UNACCEPTABLE!!  Thank God Larry knows concrete and got third party advice on what was right.  Even the State of Montana Building inspector told us what they were trying to do was not even close to code.  Larry had to tell the now ex-GC to get them off location and Larry hired his own concrete crew.  They are great and there is no question, they know what they are doing!~Chasity