Moving Along

Only a month behind schedule but FINALLY we have a great crew forming up the concrete this week and HOPEFULLY we will be set for pouring on Friday!!  Rick Miller from Malta & his crew along with Curt Schmidt from Worden & his crew are working together forming and pouring the concrete.  We have RL Schaff Concrete of Shepherd providing the concrete.  This will be such a huge weight lifted for Larry once the concrete is finally complete & completed the correct way!!  The first concrete crew hired by the ex-GC was trying to do 3' centers, tried shorting us on thickness of the pad, etc.  It was so totally UNACCEPTABLE!!  Thank God Larry knows concrete and got third party advice on what was right.  Even the State of Montana Building inspector told us what they were trying to do was not even close to code.  Larry had to tell the now ex-GC to get them off location and Larry hired his own concrete crew.  They are great and there is no question, they know what they are doing!~Chasity