Plans for Future

We purchsed this awesome building with acreage to build Larry's dream shop.  He has been working with Heavy Equipment and Semi-Trucks /Trailers since he graduated high school.  He has always helped on his Dad's ranch since he was little and now helps my family once in awhile on farm equipment, etc.  He is super picky and it always drives him nuts when he see's shoty work.  Money doesn't grow on trees and NO ONE wants to spend tons of money getting something fixed only to return a few months later or less for the same problem.  He can't wait to give people quality service at reasonable prices!

We plan to attach an 80x60 shop to the existing building.  Using the existing building as an office, waiting room, bathrooms (got to have those) and break room for employees.  We are really hoping things take off and that peolpe come to seek us out for quality work... so much that he will have to hire employees. :-) 

So keep watching the progress with us.  We are SUPER excited about this new adventure and look forward to becoming a business you can always trust for quality work.