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Engineered for the long haul.
Designed with endurance in mind, the many different models are quality built. H&S has a manure spreader to fit your operation.

  • All horizontal beater hydraulic push models use solid virgin grade poly with UV inhibitor for the floor and sides, allowing less friction.
  • The hydraulic endgate has two cylinders with ⅜″ hose and pipe for faster operation in cold weather.
  • Heavy-duty rectangular tubing is used for the pole to ensure strength and long life.
  • Structural channel floor supports are spaced 9 ½″ apart are used for maximum floor strength.
  • Driveline protection is provided by a constant velocity PTO and straight shaft under the spreader connect to the rear mount angle gearbox, over to the beater drive sprocket and then to the beater assembly.
  • The hydraulic push-off system on all models features two hydraulic cylinders that sequence to reduce push-off forces for fast unloading of material.
  • Beater blades are replaceable.
  • Beater assembly is removable for stockpiling manure.
  • Removal of the beater assembly is done by simply removing the mounting bolts and removing the drive chain to the beater assembly.
  • Choice of bullnose or clevis hitch
  • Poly bump rails
  • LED highway lighting

We are your Dealer for H&S Manure Spreaders and we SERVICE them too.

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