Why Choose SnowEx?

Quality products and dedicated dealers. That’s the one-two punch of the SnowEx® brand’s success. SnowEx builds the products, we build the relationships. MH Equipment & Ag wants to be a great local dealer you can trust! We take care of our customers and help them succeed.

SnowEx Plows & Pushers

  • SnowEx offers a full line of straight blades, v-plows, winged, and box plow models built for your specific needs. Engineered for a variety of vehicle applications—from traditional half-ton and class 6 truck plows to purpose-built UTV plows and attachments for skid-steers and tractor plows.
  • When you commit to clearing a lot, you mean it. No snow left behind. But not all plows are created equal. With TRACE™ edge technology, the all-new POWER PUSHER™ plows move massive amounts of snow—scraping down to the pavement—so you can save the time and money of dropping salt. The POWER PUSHER is available in 8′ and 10′ widths.

We are your Dealer for SnowEx® Plows & Pushers AND we SERVICE them.